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About a Country or Place Welcome to Singapore
Posted by spainsun on Saturday, June 23, 2007 (22:16:23) (8935 reads)

Singapore is a river, a city, an island and a country. The history of the city goes back to a past a so much dark as it pierces in passing of merchants and pirates, until Raffles realized the strategic importance of the small island for the control of the trade among China, India and Europe.

From the moment in that you put the feet in this city, you realize that Singapore doesn't resemble any other place of the planet. The order, the cleaning, the facilities to move, everything is thought to please the citizen.

The level of life overpasses their neighbours. It social services, transport, parks, restaurants, hotels are comparable to that any advanced western country.

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Consejos Practicos MINI-GUÍA DE ISRAEL
Posted by Yennefer on Thursday, February 17, 2011 (14:24:15) (15884 reads)

Bienvenidos a esta Mini-Guía sobre Israel

En ella encontraréis información de interés básica pero esencial para viajar por Israel, como Transportes, Horarios y Urgencias. De este modo quienes viajéis allí por primera vez allí os vayáis familiarizando con el país.

Cualquier duda que tengáis y las preguntas que queráis realizar al respecto sobre los distintos temas la podéis hacer en los diferentes hilos del Foro de Israel, que os servirán también para hacer consultas y ampliar dicha información.

Os dejo además el enlace al Índice de Israel , que os facilitará la búsqueda de hilos. Espero que os sea de utilidad.

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AdventuresTravels Borneo / Kalimantan - Indonesia
Posted by prayitno on Sunday, January 04, 2009 (03:26:25) (7209 reads)

The people, who visited this area, mentioned this is magical and best experience of eco trip. We will direct you to meet one of endangered and enchanting big animals. It’s Orangutan (Pongo Pygmaeus sp). They are living free at natural home of Tanjung Puting National Park (Pangkalan Bun – Central Kalimantan). There are 3 feeding stations in this park (Camp Leaky, Pondok Tanggui & Tanjung Harapan) to reach every feeding station we will take you by traditional wooden river boat or called by Klotok. For your information that orang-utans in this park can be divided to be 2 different types. First is orang-utan who originally inhabitant in this park or called by wild orang-utan and second is rehabilitant orang-utan.

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About a Country or Place Travel to Thailand
Posted by greg34 on Friday, August 15, 2008 (08:20:10) (7445 reads)

With over six million foreigners flying into the country each year, Thailand has become Asia's primary holiday destination and is a useful and popular first stop on any overland journey through Southeast Asia. The influx of tourist cash has played a significant part in the country's recent development, yet Thailand's cultural integrity remains largely undamaged.

In this country of fifty-three million people, over ninety percent are practising Theravada Buddhists, and King Bhumibol is a revered figure across his nation. Tiered temple rooftops and saffron-robed monks dominate every vista, and, though some cities and beach resorts are characterized by high-rises and neon lights, the typical Thai community is the traditional farming village: ninety percent of Thais still earn their living from the land.

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About a Country or Place Beijing... My trip
Posted by Anonymous on Thursday, January 01, 1970 (02:33:26) (8397 reads)

Beijing is located in northern China. The city has a population of 14 million people. The capital of the People's Republic of China, Beijing, it is the nation's political, economic, cultural and educational center. It has been the heart and soul of politics and society throughout the long history of this country.

The following text is my travelogue of my stay in Beijing in 2005. I hope that you enjoy with this story.

Note: Our China photo-gallery: China Pictures

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About a Country or Place Deluxe cruise in Halong Bay, Vietnam
Posted by giraldovn on Thursday, January 01, 1970 (02:33:25) (7990 reads)

My first trip to Vietnam's magnificent Halong Bay was
nearly 10 years ago. Back then luxury wasn't an option. In fact, options
weren't much of an option.

Women traveling on the converted junk were told to sleep in the
suffocatingly hot below-deck cabin, men ordered to stretch out on sticky
vinyl mats above. We ignored the instructions and slept on the roof. Up top
there was slight relief from the heat but absolutely none from the

Read More... (3.83 KB) | Printer Friendly Page  Send to a Friend | Score: 5

Travel Experiences Quo vade China? (Reflections about a Giant)
Posted by spainsun on Thursday, January 01, 1970 (02:33:25) (7019 reads)

Well, well, well, three weeks in the Kingdom of the Middle won’t make a Sinology scholar out of me but even a mere sniff at the Chinese culture at its home will add a lot of perspective to any knowledge gleaned from the dry pages of books and news articles.

I will never be able to claim I did more than scratch the outermost layer in which the Chinese culture keeps itself wrapped away from the eyes of the curious Western intruder but I’m certainly more savvy and less apprehensive of the Chinese peril now than before I left .

Wrote By Corneliu Cazacu.

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